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points for presentation on 10/27/09


ž  The students are ignorant and the teachers are all-knowledgeable

ž  The education the students receive is considered a “gift” from the teacher.

ž  Students do not really understand what they are learning. They just memorize the material.

ž  Teacher is the narrator and the students are listening objects.

ž  The more completely the teacher fills the student’s brains, the “better” a teacher he/she is.

ž  The more the students accept their passive role imposed on them, the more they tend to just accept the role as it is without questioning it.

ž  It attempts to control thinking and action and inhibits their creative power.


ž  Question situations and problems in the world

ž  The teacher is learning from the students while also teaching them. Students question and think critically about what the teacher is saying.

ž  Teacher engages with students in all aspects of her class.

ž  Teacher presents the material to the students for their consideration and re-considers her earlier considerations as the students express their own.

ž  The role of the problem-posing educator is to create together with the students.



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