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plan for presentation on 10/27/09

– we will present the information to the class via a powerpoint presentation

– each of us will take turns reading a couple of the points at a time

– next, we will ask if anyone has any questions. answer whatever questions people may have.

– then we will introduce the game and explain the rules. the class will be divided into 2 groups and one person from each group will go up at a time. one of us will read one of the scenerios off the sheet and the person who slaps their hand down on the desk first will tell us whether the scenerio described a problem-posing or banking education method.

– the team with the most points at the end gets suckers.

– if we have time after the game, we will hold a discussion on which method the class thinks is more effective and why.


***i feel like our group has worked extremely well together to come up with ideas and notes for this presentation. it should go pretty smoothly if we follow the plan. I am a little bit worried we did not go into enough depth about the two very different types of teaching methods. However, i feel like that would be nearly impossible to do considering the length and level of difficulty of the book. i think everyone will get the main ideas and points of each type of teaching method. ***

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