Mamamme's Blog

project 4 ideas

topic: curriculum, standardized testing, No Child Left Behind

monday: 4-5:30

wednesday: 4-5:30

**meet at library**

read chapter 2–relate to lesson?

everyone make their own outline of what we are going to do by this Friday.

then we will come together to compare ideas and go from there about what our plan of action will be.

we are thinking powerpoint? or maybe something a little more creative.

that’s all we have for today!! 🙂

**read chapter 2 by Monday so we can discuss how to teach it to the class and possibly relate it to the 2nd part of this project.**

ideas: standardized testing (talk to admissions people about how much ACT scores are really considered for getting into college, etc.) Possible Interview?

-cow activity idea from cornell.

focus on standardized testing research

>powerpoint/”game”/mini test/poll at beginning of class

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