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Lean On ME.

for english, my group had to watch the movie Lean On Me. I had already seen this movie a million times but i absolutely love it. i think there are so many different viewpoints and aspects of teaching present in the film. We had to relate it to the book we read, See You When We Get There. I think the main character, Mr. Clark,  relates most to Ms. Kirby, the first teacher we meet in the book. Ms.Kirby doesnt mess around when it comes to discipline and such with her students. That is a huge part of Mr.Clark’s tactics. He doesnt let anyone get away with anything. Such as when he specifically told no one to move during the singing of the school song in the cafeteria and yelled at the one teacher for picking up a piece of trash. I dont think it was anything personal. I think he was just trying to show that no one is an exception to his rules and hes not messing around.

Ms. Kirby doesnt let anyone slack off in her classroom and pushes everyone to succeed. She goes the extra mile for her students. For example, she has a talk with the one g irl in her class that is smoking weed and says she wants to meet with her like once a week or something just to see how everything is going because she truly cares and wants to help her. This is also true for Mr.Clark in Lean On Me. When he sees that one of his close students is slacking, he seeks her out and asks her whats wrong. He eventually goes and visits her mother at her home and tries to figure things out and help this student be all she can be. He knows she has potential and is smart and he wants to see it. Same with Ms. Kirby.

In different ways, Mr. Clark can relate to all the teachers in the book. All of them care greatly about their students and have different ways of showing it. But they all want them to succeed in life and be all they can be.

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