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lower the drinking age?

in my LinC class today, we had a big discussion about lowering the drinking age to 18. we read an article about how some people say that we should go through a class and then we can get a drinking license at age 18. in my opinion, i dont think this will help anything. in fact, i think lowering the drinking age might make things even worse. Many people use the arguement that other countries have lower drinking ages and they are more relaxed with it and don’t get out of control. However, thats because they have had this lower drinking age their whole life.  If we changed the drinking age to 18 now, i thin people would get out of control and abuse it because it’s a whole new relm of freedom. Even though most college kids drink now, that doesn’t mean that we should make it “okay” to do. A shocking statisitic brought up in class was that 92% of ISU students drink according to a survey done. It was even more shocking to hear that the average national percent is 85. That means that we are significantly higher than the average.

Someone in class brought up the ever so popular point of “if we can fight in the war, we deserve to have a beer”. Well, i think you can only say that if you are or were in the war defending our country. otherwise, you are just using other people’s situations as an excuse for you to  drink. Because other young men and women are fighting in the war and defending our country, that means you get to get wasted and be stupid?

Another point brought up in this discussion was that if you lower the age to 18, that ususally means you are about a senior in high school, so that gives you about a year to “learn the correct and safe ways to drink from your parents’ examples”. this bothered me so much. even if the legal drinking age was 18, i would definitely not drink with my parents. I realize that this differs with everyone and some people might not care about their parents seeing them trashed but to me, that is just an uncomfortable experience waiting to happen. also, if the age lowered to 18, kids arent going to want to stay home and drink with mommy and daddy. they will want to run out and get crazy at the bars and parties. so, they arent going to get the “training” they need to practice “safe” drinking.

 kids are going to do it no matter what the legal age…but why encourage it?

it was such a good discussion and i could go on and on about this topic. but i’m going to just leave it with i do not think the drinking age should be lowered to 18. or any other age.

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  1. * Lew Bryson says:

    The real crux of the problem is evident in the way you refer to drinking as getting wasted, getting stupid, getting trashed. We don’t just need a lower drinking age; we need a re-tooling of our entire drinking culture. Drinking solely to get insensate is not just a bad idea, it’s a dangerous idea. Responsible folks who advocate an 18 drinking age are trying to change the American way of drinking in tandem with lowering the drinking age. That’s the really important part.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago

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